Monday, November 23, 2015

New Zealand

                                New Zealand

           Welcome to New Zealand 
           New Zealand is the one 
           New Zealand is the best
       So come on come on come be our guest

              We'll make you laugh
              We'll make you smile
          As long as you stay for a while 

                Down the road 
              Just about a mile
            You'll see the sky tower
          With a chance of a sun shower

                 Hope you enjoy 
             All the stunning views 
              From a bird in a tree
              To a fish in the sea

            So please take your time 
      We'll the New Zealand sun still shines

Thursday, November 12, 2015

John key letter

 We have an important concern to raise with you. We believe  New Zealand needs to ban unnecessary plastic items and reduce our plastic usage greatly. Our three reasons are plastic is over taking our oceans they are messing with the food chain and will grave effects on our future if we don't do something about it. Firstly unnecessary plastic harms our environment by killing our native animals. Secondly  there is over 3,000,000 rubbish in the water and 80% of that rubbish is plastic. 40% of sea animals die each year by eating plastic and the plastic just sit in there stomach and it doesn't digest for years. I hope that help and do something about it.

Crazy excuses for calling in sick.

Many people call in sick from tummy bugs to the flu but some excuses are so extreme. Here are a few maybe you can try out.

 1) I can't come into work today because my uniform caught fire when I tried drying it in the microwave.

2) I can't come into work today because i'm making a casserole.

3) I can't come into work today because I don't want to ruin my good mood.

4)I can't come into work today because I accidentally got on a plane.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stolen puppies.

 A horrible discovery was made at the Tauranga SPCA over the weekend. When staff arrived on sunday to find that 2 puppies have been stolen. The manager Margaret Rawiri says that the shelter has 1.8 meter security fence that had been cut in seven places. The thieves deliberately targeted the puppies. One of the puppies names are boss a 6 month old male tan labrador-cross. The second puppy had only arrived on saturday and staff did not even have time to check the breed or gender. The puppy is belived to be around 6-8 weeks old brought in as a stray. The break in cost a lot of money for new fences and survellince camera for all that it will cost around 30,000. Anyone with any infomation please contac the Tauranga police.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swimming dog.

  A labrador named Ben can be found swimming out into the harbour to meet his friend Duggie the dolphin. The people of Bens small irish town were amazed. A daily routine that people always comes and watches the special friends play and makes sure that Ben does not drown in deep water.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My narative

 In room 11 we are learning about how to write a narrative starting off with our settings.

 A ancient family has been lost for over 20 years they live in a gold empire in the middle of no where. The sounds of the wind howling like a pack of wolfs howling at the night sky. The burring sun at bright day light. It smells like nothing but desperation to get help. Old scraps of old building and rusty cars left stranded north of the desert.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toothed eel fall from sky

 Residents in a small town in Alaska have gotten a big fright from toothed eels falling from the sky thats right eels falling from the sky and has happend 4 times. They have also been other small animals like worms,fish and frogs.